Pillar’s of the company

Rakesh Kumar

The professional is an accomplished Taxation & Statutory Professional with 17 years’ experience in the construction and real estate industry and expertise in Accounts and Taxation. The professional having Master Degree in Finance from the reputed institution “Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune”. He is a dedicated professional seeks a Senior Management position.

Naveen Singh
(A.G.M. Estate Management)

Mr. Naveen Pratap Singh carries the overall Responsibilities for Customer Care and Execution of our Projects. Mr. Naveen Pratap Singh having 10 years of experience in the field of Customer Relationship Management.

Momd. Asim
(V.P. U.K. Zone )

Mr. Asim carries the responsibilities for marketing in Uttarakhand Zone. He has experience in Real Estate Marketing and Strategy for Business Development for past 5 years.

S.Razi Mutarza Naqvi
(V.P. Construction mgmt)

Mr. Razi carries the responsibilities for construction Department. He lead project along with dedicated members will work with project CM & planning engineer to understand material needs across categories over project Life-Cycle.

Lalit Mohan Pandey
(HOD Transport)

Mr. Lalit Mohan pandey Carries the overall responsibilities of Transport & Security Department with 20 years in our company. He is dedicated and resposible person towards company & our profession.

Aamir Jamal
(V.P. Lucknow Zone)

Mr. Aamir Zamal carries the responsibilities of Construction Departmant for the past 5 years in Zonal office. He is a dedicated person in the field of construction.